Rebecca - Originally adopted from Rwanda, Rebecca is a mischievous tomboy. It’s in her adoptive Grandfather’s home that Rebecca and the others find a mysterious portal to another world….

Noah - Noah collects and sells action figures at school and online. He’s always wished there were more adventure in his life, just like in the fantasy stories he loves.

Theo - Theo is smart but unlucky. He can figure out runes and clues, but monsters and things that bite have it out for him.

Max - The oldest and most courageous boy in the group, Max acts like a tough guy who doesn’t care about anybody else, but he will put himself on the line to help his friends. At home, most of Max’s meals are canned food and pizza, and his older brothers make his life hard too. He has more reasons than anyone to leave our reality.

Doleann – Doleann is a warrior who rides a dragon named Minervale. She comes and goes mysteriously, often arriving just in time to save everyone from danger. She looks mysteriously like one of Noah’s action figures…

Ilvanna – Ilvanna only speaks the language of the other world, but she’s kind and helpful and acts as a guide to our heroes. She particularly likes Max….

Norgavol – This strange old man who looks like Popeye knows about our world and speaks our language. He knew Rebecca’s grandfather well and knows how to travel between the two worlds.

The Master of Shadows – The mysterious ghoul who steals the souls of the dead and turns them into his poisonous shadow servants. He stalks our heroes from the darkness, seeking the passageway between worlds.